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Did you know that there are about 30 fatal accidents and 6000 injuries each year involving fork lift trucks? Did you also know that a large proportion of these accidents are as a result of poor observation or insufficient fork lift truck training?

Newlands Training Limited, based in Dorset is campaigning hard during National Fork Lift Safety Week (21st – 27th September) to ensure that companies understand the importance of safe driving and along with providing comprehensive fork lift truck training, has devised a quick check list for companies to ensure that they are employing the correct procedures when operating fork lift trucks.

Lesley Simpson, managing director of Newlands Training says, “Many accidents are caused by insufficient observations by fork lift truck operators and if people follow this simple check list then careless mistakes should be minimised. We recommend that people working with fork lift trucks adhere to the following advice.”

Newlands Training Safe Fork Lift Truck Operating Check List

•    Wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) i.e. hard hats, gloves, safety boots etc.

•    Drive at a steady speed and within the capabilities of the truck

•    Plan your moves in advance to avoid a lot of unnecessary travel and wasted time and stress on yourself

•    Read, understand and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations in the Operator’s Manual for the truck

•    Wear the safety lap belt when operating the machine

•    Consider the environment when carrying out maintenance and when operating the machine and handling loads.

Lesley Simpson added, “Employers and employees have a commitment to the health and safety of others at work, under The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. This act also requires everyone to be responsible for; the use of safe working practices and procedures; cooperation with management on health and safety matters and ensuring equipment is well maintained and is not recklessly modified or abused.”

“It is imperative that the number of accidents in the workplace decrease. Employers definitely have the power to make this happen, with proper fork lift truck training courses for their operators, adherence to our safety check list and the Health & Safety at Work Act the number of incidents should dramatically decrease.”

For more information about Newlands Training and fork lift truck training in Devon & Dorset please contact:
Lesley Simpson
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