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Just a reminder for all professionals in the forestry and arboriculture industry to check that their skills and certificates are up-to-date.

Quick Checklist

• Is your equipment in good condition? Such as a well-maintained chainsaws and ropes and harness in good condition.

• Does your protective clothing (PPE) reach the correct specification for the work you do?

  • Is your PPE undamaged and able to offer you full protection?

•  Do you have a current LOLER Certificate for your climbing ropes and harness – 6 monthly checks for climbing and 12 monthly checks for rigging?

  • Do your Traininging and Competency Certificates reflect the work that you do?

   .   Are your Certificates in date?   Should you be considering refresher training?

When working with dangerous equipment and within hazardous environments, expert training is called for to ensure the health and safety of workers and others around. If your certification, PPE or equipment does not meet the standards required by the HSE, you not only risk serious injury to yourself and others, it could also affect your personal insurance.

Maintaining your certification levels is of the upmost importance when you are working within this industry, if not just for yourself but for people around you as well. Taking an additional or a refresher course can make sure you are aware of developments within the industry, allowing you to carry out your job safely and correctly. A refresher course will ensure you are still competent thereby allowing you to provide the best service possible.


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