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Organisations requiring arboriculture training could save hundreds of pounds with the changes to chainsaw training requirements, effective from 1st January 2010. Newlands Training Ltd Dorchester, the specialist chainsaw course provider, fully supports these revisions which will mean a quicker and easier route to beneficial qualifications – good news for the arboriculture sector.

The most significant amendment to the chainsaw suite requirements for achievement is that trainees can undergo the new unit 50 module for damaged tree techniques without the previous pre requisite of unit 32. Trainees for the new course will only require unit 30 (maintenance) and unit 31 (cross cutting and felling small trees) in order to take this new module.

‘This is excellent news for arboriculture training budgets,’ commented Lesley Simpson, managing director of Newlands. ‘Not only is it going to save companies nearly £500 but it will also mean less time actually training for workers as unit 32 module is a three day course.’

Other amendments to chainsaw training include; merging unit 32 and unit 33 that previously tackled medium and large tree felling respectively into one new unit 32 designed for trees over 380mm. The new Unit 33 is for specialist tree felling.

‘These changes will make a significant difference to how damaged trees are dealt with and will also offer a swift route to a new and incredibly useful qualification,’ added Lesley.

For more information on the revision to chainsaw training visit the website or contact Newlands Training direct on 01305 848454.
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