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Newlands Training is pleased to include the Lantra Awards Professional Tree Inspection course to its range of Forestry and Arboricultural courses. This 3-day course is a rare opportunity to undertake this professionally recognised course that will enable its trainees to initially identify a range of defects in a variety of trees.  It will also provide them with the knowledge to specify and correctly record the necessary course of action.
The course is designed for competent arboriculturists who already carry five years’ experience and wish to expand their knowledge to a further, more professional level. The course teaches trainees to recognise problems from the ground, by climbed inspection, or with the aid of a Mobile Elevated Working Platform (MEWP) at an advanced level.  Newlands Training’s instructors will enable trainees to record the inspection process and recommend the preferred remedial works, all within a defensible system.

This is a comprehensive course which pulls together previous training and experience.  Both will be needed before enjoying the Professional Tree Inspection course.

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