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Do you have the right certificates for the job you do? Leading land based training provider Newlands Training has reminded all arboriculturalists working with chainsaws that they are required to hold certificates of competence before they can work.

Newlands Training supplies a range of basic and intermediate chainsaw courses supporting a wide variety of occupations, the full list can be found on

For more advanced needs, Newlands Training offer an Operate Chain Saw from Rope and Harness course, which allows operatives to use chainsaws in trees, undertaking various activities from simple pruning to crown reduction and sectional felling. Please note this course requires climbing skills as a pre-requisite. NPTC provide the necessary range of qualifications and Newlands Training offer experienced course instructors who teach this programme on a regular basis all year round.

In addition or as an alternative Newlands Training also offer a NPTC certificate (unit 47) Safe Use of a Chainsaw from a Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP). This allows competent chainsaw users to access higher levels using a MEWP, the course is ideal for pruning limbs and removing vertical stem sections without the need for a climbing qualification. Please be aware some pre-requisite are required for this course, for more information please contact Newlands Training on 01305 848454.

Lesley Simpson, Managing Director of Newlands Training has said ‘So many jobs within the arboricultural industry require people to work with dangerous machinery. Our chainsaw courses teach people to respect safety procedures, their equipment and eliminate some of the risk involved with this type of work’. She added ‘Our LANTRA Awards and NPTC courses support the Health and Safety at Work Act, the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998, and are designed to give students the ability to operate machinery with competence and confidence’.

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