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As much as I enjoy being outside there are definitely days when I am glad I have an office job. This is one of them. It is wet, cold and windy and if like me you are happy to stay inside it is a good time to take a look at those jobs you have put off because the weather allowed you to be outside or other activities took priority.

You could usefully use this time to take a critical look at how you manage your Health and Safety – whether it is for you as an individual (possibly self-employed) for you as part of a team or for your business or organisation that you work for. It is easy to sit back having equipped oneself with a satisfactory arsenal of policies, risk assessments and schedules of work, but our working lives are not static and time and events can change your situation and responsibilities. New members of the team may have joined you, new machinery brought into the workplace, new sites to work on, and as a result your health and safety responsibilities may well have changed as well. We need to update our policies and risk assessments to reflect where we are today.
At Newlands Training we have some quick half day courses for people who like to work with an instructor and discuss their work place scenarios – Manual Handling, Working at Heights, COSHH and Risk Assessments First Aid is a full day course
I have discovered recently the new Health and Safety Toolbox – it is an easy to use and almost dare I say it “fun” way of managing your H&S decisions and ideal for managers who don’t know where to start.

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