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With plenty of people out there in the market place looking for new jobs, it is essential you go for interviews with your competency certificates reflecting your current skills. There are plenty of people now looking for new jobs and Employers will be inclined to choose the candidate who presents them with the least expense in training.   Everyone is looking to cut costs which means you can’t afford to.

The way to do this is with “refresher” training, and for Chainsaw use, Fork Lift Trucks, ATVs, Pesticides and First Aid,  the list of refresher requirements is a long one.  Employers need to see both proof of competence and also currency, otherwise you aren’t qualified in these areas.

Apart from the recommendation that skills refresher training is recommended approximately every 5 years in most instances, reducing to 3 years for First Aid Certification, it can be good fun and an essential reminder that “good working practices” are there for a reason.  Your salary, safety, and that of others, is worth taking a little time over.

 Chainsaw refresher training is popular at the moment, as autumn and winter pruning and landscape maintenance really hits its peak.    It is so easy to find a few “short cuts” in the way you do things that may leave you vulnerable to potential job loss.

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