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With Corporate Manslaughter charges becoming an ever greater threat to businesses, it is essential that your staff are fully qualified. One area that is often overlooked is that of professional 4×4 Off-Road Driving and there have already been some serious and expensive prosecutions, which is increasing the interest in these excellent courses.

The new law of Corporate Manslaughter is wider, meaning a company can be convicted if it can be proven that there was a gross breach of duty of care by “senior management,” instead of just one individual. The health and safety executive has more information about what compliance with the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007.

As 4×4 Professional Off-Road Driving is rising in popularity, it is essential that drivers are competent.  The course is for any person who is/will be required to operate a 4×4 vehicle in an off-road environment. All trainees must be able to demonstrate that they are competent in driving normal vehicles in a road situation and hold a current driving licence. An individual assessment will be carried out and those reaching the required standard will receive the Lantra Awards nationally recognised certificate. We have a new 4×4 off road site to do our training on and we can provide a vehicle although it is preferred that you bring your own to get the maximum value from the course.

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