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Power lines are a real issue with many workplace activities and so many accidents occur as a result of people not being aware that the lines are there. While Santa is at work delivering all those present he really should do a risk assessment first!
Contact with overhead power lines causes fatal or severe electric shock and burn injuries. This can also happen when the person or object is close enough to a line for a flashover to occur. Striking underground cables frequently leads to burn injuries from the resulting “explosion” and may also result in electric shock if contact is made with live conductors.
All of our forestry and arboriculture trainees learn about worksite planning on our chainsaw courses, as during tree felling operations you must not undertake any felling work within two tree lengths of overhead lines without consultation between the site manager and the electricity company.
With fork lift trucks most deaths are not due to touching these wires with a machine but by the incorrect action (due to lack of knowledge) of the operator after the machine touches them . Once again, we include this information on our lift truck courses.
We don’t include Santa’s Sleigh training in our usual range of courses but we are always happy to try and provide the training that our Clients want, so who knows, Santa may be emailing us shortly!

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