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A year or so ago the Health and Safety Executive decided to do a study on farms to make sure quad bikes are being used and maintained correctly. Their aim – to raise awareness of the risks of using ATVs and prevent avoidable injuries and deaths.
More than half of all quad bike riders have been thrown from their vehicle at some point, so it’s vital that farmers and other land based industries (forestry and conservation etc) ensure their workers wear helmets, are properly trained and their bikes are well maintained.
So what did the HSE find? Not good news. Almost two-thirds of the 58 farms visited weren’t using ATVs safely. Inspectors issued 36 improvement notices − 25 for using ATVs without appropriate training, 10 for a lack of suitable head protection, and one for poor maintenance. Wearing a helmet, or checking your vehicle’s tyre pressure, brakes and throttle before each ATV ride costs just minutes – failure to do so could cost lives.
Newlands Training offers the Lantra Awards Sit-in ATV and Sit-Astride ATV Courses. Trailer use can be included. The course is suitable for anyone required to use an ATV as part of their work. This would include novices and experienced operators who require their skills up-dating with Lantra Awards or NPORS certification.
Check out our Quad Bikes page for full course details.

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