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Jeremy Vine’s show on Radio 2 last Wednesday featured discussions on the important roll Professional Tree Inspectors play after recent wet and windy weather have caused some serious problems for some people. The item on the Jeremy vine Show was all about the extent of the financial hardship resulting in fines because a tree fell in a Zoo and crushed a parent and child. Neither died, but are badly injured and large fines have been imposed on the owners of the Zoo. The fines are so large that they are facing a decision of possible Zoo closure.

From the outside, to an inexperienced eye, the tree looked absolutely fine but an invasive Fungus was present in the tree and the recent bad weather brought it crashing down. A survey and inspection by a qualified Professional Tree Inspector would have picked up on this fungus and the potential damage and a suitable recommendation would have been made. Much hardship and worry could have been avoided.

The Lantra Awards Professional Tree Inspection Course that we aim to run twice a year is not for everyone. The entry requirement for this course is a level 3 qualification in arboriculture or similar, as a good knowledge of tree identification and fungus are essential before attempting this 3 day course and exam. Our Tutor is happy to discuss suitability to attend over the phone, as we are keen to maintain our good pass rate and like to make sure our candidates are comfortable with their existing knowledge before they attend.

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