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It is such lovely weather now for our Chainsaw Courses and as a part of your duty of care in the workplace, making sure your chainsaw users are properly trained and assessed as competent, is a requirement under  HSE  PUWER regulations.   There are several different courses depending on your work situation.   City & Guilds NPTC with independent assessments for Professional Users in Forestry and Arboriculture and the Lantra Awards integrated training and assessment courses for people who are Occasional Users.  If you don’t know which you are, I probably do, so why not give me a ring.  Have a quick look at our website.   Spare places in mid July

For those of you wanting to started work in Arboriculture then your first step is Accessing a Tree Using Rope and Harness + Aerial Rescue.  Spare places in mid July


The risks and the penalties are high when operating machinery and vehicles in our land based industries.  Training will go a long way towards preventing accidents and avoiding paying large painful HSE fines if you are unlucky enough to have got things wrong.

The Lantra Awards  Professional 4×4 Off Road course is a good start

ATVs – both the sit-in and the sit astride varieties are a hot favourite of the HSE at the moment.  Do you have a competency certificate for all ATV users? “″&HYPERLINK “″cPath=6_49

Rough Terrain Telescopic Handlers are often used without adequate training.   People who are competent drivers of other machinery can work out how to use a telescopic handler but the issues  of safe driving habits and working with elevated heavy loads are covered on our training courses “″&HYPERLINK “″cPath=6_19

Keep Safe in the workplace and join us on an appropriate course.

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