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Before you get that Sprayer out – do you know if you are legal to work with Pesticides?
Councils, Farmers, Foresters and Estate Managers, to mention just a few Land Based businesses, are amongst those who need to take special care to ensure all their operatives are fully trained and competent.
The path to correctly using Pesticides is very clear, and currently changing:
New regulations come into effect in November 2015 whereby “Grandfather Rights” are totally removed. These “Rights” have applied to people born before 31 December 1964 who apply Pesticides on their own land.
There is no change to the fact that people born after 31 December 1964 MUST hold a Certificate of Competence before using commercial Pesticides.
All Supervisors of Pesticides use MUST hold a Certificate of Competence.
Pesticide Contractors MUST hold a Certificate of Competence.


The cost of a mistake with these powerful chemicals is high, both to the Environment and to the Business.  The price of training is less than the cost of a fine.

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