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Due to the high number of people employed by Local Authorities and Councils, they will always run one of the highest risks of becoming involved in chainsaw insurance claimsWhether the chainsaw was poorly maintained or the operator was not quite skilled enough, the time and money involved in insurance claims and repairing damage are not welcome.
The HSE reports that between 1 April 2000 and 31 March 2011 there were 50 deaths associated with mis-handling of chainsaws.
There are various options to avoid becoming entangled in the unwanted and lengthy paper trail leading to a claim and one of them is of course staff training. It has been proved on countless occasions that it is cheaper by far to undertake appropriate training, than to pay a fine imposed by HSE. New skills and competency are proved with the various Certificates related to the skill sector in question so don’t be caught out as negligent, do something about it today.

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