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The eruption has been the management of changes that reflect the complete revision of the National Occupational Standards (NOS) in Trees and Timber.Lantra and City & Guilds NPTC have worked closely with a large number of industry professionals, businesses and trade associations to review the Trees and Timber NOS so they reflect the real needs of the sector.  As a result of this, the new License to Practice Qualification, with either  Lantra Awards or City & Guilds NPTC, for chainsaw and arboriculture, is EQUAL and recognised as such by the Industry.   From now on if you do the new training and certification then NPTC recognise Lantra Awards certificates as pre-requisites for their Qualification, and vice versa.

All of the new Certificates and Qualifications are available now so you can train with us knowing your Certification meets the new standards of operating chainsaws on the ground and undertaking arboriculture work.

We have a few new names for the Certificates that will require us all to make some changes in how we describe what we mean:

The old “Tree Climbing & Aerial Rescue” is now called Accessing a Tree using Rope & Harness and Aerial Tree Rescue Operations.

The old “Operate a Chainsaw from Rope and Harness “ is now called Aerial Cutting of Trees with a Chainsaw using Free-Fall Techniques.


There are some new Units that have been added to the list of qualification:

  • Award in Supporting Colleagues Undertaking Off Ground Tree Related Operations
  • An Award in Aerial Tree Rigging
  • An Award in using a Chainsaw from a MEWP
  • Award in Preparing Tree-work Operations
  • Award in Assisted Fell Operations
  • Award in Preparing and Agreeing Tree-work Operations


All new Forestry and Arboriculture qualifications are supported by Lantra Awards and City & Guilds NPTC with the new title of “License to Practice”

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