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For anyone interested in arboriculture the first step is “Accessing a Tree Using Rope and Harness”.  A bit daunting if you are not sure if this is the direction you should be going.  In the words of a famous pop song “the only way is up” and here is a detailed account of your 5 days spent with us on this crucial first step towards gaining Arboricultural Qualifications.

Our 5 day climbing course is designed with the novice in mind, however the more you achieve the farther we will push you (not literally)!

Day 1
Day one will have you tied in knots mastering the essentials:  figure of eight, bowline, prusik  and blake.  This is followed by an in-depth look at LOLER (lifting operation and lifting equipment regulations).  This will give you a great insight into kit selection and inspection.  After lunch on day one we take you through your first vertical steps and aim to have you at the summit of your first tree by the end of the day.   A satisfying start.
On the second day we focus on your branch walking.   Motivation to reach the extremities includes target retrieval (car keys are a great motivator), the better you get the harder we make them!
Day 3
Day three and you should be feeling more confident with every climb, so today we focus on the aerial rescue.  Rescue can involve 2 or 3 man teams and can include various scenarios from unconscious and spinal injury, to damaged and trapped lines, and sometimes combinations of all three.
Day 4
Pole climbing and rescue.  Experience the strange new world of spiking: making your way up a stripped off tree with nothing but a set of climbing irons and flip line.  Just as you get to grips with this we throw in some more rescues.   Pole rescue is probably the most technical with the rescuer having to negotiate his or her way past the casualty to set up a false anchor.  This rescue can be carried out with both 2 and 3 man teams.
Day 5
Having located muscles that you may not have known existed on day 1, you may want to spend your day running through your newly acquired skills, but more fun than that would be to put them to the test and try your hand at traversing our line of 9 oaks!   Make your way up or down and see how many trees you can pass through without touching the ground.  Traversing from tree to tree will test all your new skills, from rope throwing, problem solving, and especially your branch walking.


We hope to welcome onto one of our Accessing a Tree with Rope & Harness and Aerial Rescue courses soon.  The Certification is either City & Guilds NPTC or Lantra Awards.

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