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 Categories : Forestry & Arboriculture


So you are wondering if this is the right course for you.Well the good news is that there is no pre-requisite knowledge or experience required for the one-day  Lantra Awards Basic Tree Survey and Inspection Course.  A healthy interest in trees is a good start and your reasons for doing this course could be various.  You may not have the responsibility to make decisions on the action required for various trees but your work may put you in a position where you could make initial observations and then report to a specialist Arborist.  Whilst going about your work this Basic Tree Survey and Inspection Course would allow you to be the “eyes”  that report potential damage and danger.

This is an invaluable course for farm and estate workers, councils and those working in conservation and horticulture.  Basically, if there are trees in your life, this is a great course to do, even if it is just for the fun of it.  Fungus will have a new place in your life!

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