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To use the various pesticides and chemicals in the land based industries, the operator must hold an appropriate Certificate of Competence. In our world of Pesticide Application the Awarding Body is City & Guilds NPTC .

The route to Certification is modular. Like building blocks that you achieve in logical stages, until you have the Certification you need to use Pesticides appropriate to your workplace.

PA1 – Pesticide Application no. 1 – is the foundation module and is a theory based training day. This is completed by everybody irrelevant to what method of pesticide application they are aiming for.
To complete the qualification PA1 must be followed up by one of the practical application below:
PA2a      Ground Crop Sprayer Mounted or Trailed with a tractor or an ATV
PA3        Broadcast Sprayer or Boom Sprayer
PA4G     Pesticide Granule Applicator
Pa4S      Pesticide Slug Pellet Applicator
PA5        Boat Mounted Applicators
PA6       Hand Held Applicators
PA7       Aerial Application – Pilot
PA8       Mixer/Loader
PA9       Fogging, Misting and Smokes
9A10     Batch Dipping
PA11     Seed Treating Equipment
PA12     Application of Pesticides to Material as a continuous process via conveyor
PA13     Sub Surface Liquid Applicator

It is highly recommended that a training course for each module is undertaken before the Independent Assessment by an NPTC Assessor is arranged. Newlands Training delivers both the training and assessments that you require.

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