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As a result of your training courses, do you know what your piece of paper says?

This is how I would describe it:

A Qualification   –    The training and certification that we offer is a recognised unit of a national framework for that skill.   The framework is managed by the government working with industry leaders.   The framework criteria for the course content and outcomes are strictly detailed and adhered to during training and assessment delivery.  The Qualification is nationally recognised.

A Certificate of Training  –  At the end of your training course you will have covered the theory and the practical elements of your skill. To determine your understanding, you will have had either verbal questions, or a multiple choice written question paper.  To check your ability, there will have been an assessment by observation and your skills recorded and graded.  Your Trainer can do the assessments for you during the course.


A Certificate of Competence  –  Much the same as a Certificate of Training (above) but the assessments will have been done by an Assessor independent of the Trainer,  usually on a separate day.   This Independent Assessment follows the Awarding Body standards and criteria.  In our case that is City & Guild NPTC and Lantra Awards.


Attendance Certificate  –   Newlands Training Ltd produce our own Attendance Certificates that is proof of attendance on a course, but there has not been an assessment, so there is no proof of competency.  The Certificate gives the name of the course, the person who attended, the date, and a very brief note of what was covered in the course.

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