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We like to give our trainees a good experience as well as a training course and hopefully their Certification.We spend best part of a week with you and will cover the following aspects of your training.

Day 1
After an initial brief on all the important stuff (risk assessment, protective clothing and equipment etc.) we make our way into the workshop where we spend the rest of the day taking the saw to bits!   Hopefully, by the end of day one, we will have your saw back in one piece and you will have a good understanding of how it works and how to take care of it.
Day 2
We start the second day at our woodland site with a step-by-step run-through of the safety features on your saw and all that you need to know to safely start and operate your saw.  Once you have mastered the basics and built up some confidence with cross cutting some timber, you could try your hand at making a stool.  This is a fun activity that builds on your newly acquired skills and should leave you with a memento of your day’s work!
Day 3
Now it is time to start making a real mess!!
The third day introduces the first of the three big felling cuts and will serve as the template for all cuts to come.
We will also teach you removal techniques for “hung-up trees” to help you deal with a tree that didn’t go quite where you planned.
Hung up tree removal is also a compulsory element of the assessments that follow the training course.
Day 4
Split-level cuts come into play on the fourth day. This cut should allow the operator to get trees with a slight lean to go against their natural direction of fall.  It will also enable you to fell trees with more accuracy and utilise all the spaces available for the fell.
At the end of day 4 we often have a field maintenance session to brush up on Monday’s skills prior to your assessment.
Day 5
Today is the day to learn about heavily or forward leaning tree felling.
Probably the most important felling cut, with regard to the safety of the operator, is the “dog’s tooth cut”. Learn how to deal with these potentially dangerous trees and fell them with 100% confidence in the field.
After completing this cut it may be useful to fill any remaining time by running back through each cut, and practising for complete fluency.


This course should leave the student feeling confident to fell trees up to 15″ (380mm) diameter in a variety of situations.
Depending on time of year you can also expect to become proficient wet weather shelter builders, sausage-cookers, 4×4 drivers and general outdoor survivalists (however you won’t be tested on these skills…!)

We look forward to welcoming you onto one of our chainsaw courses soon.

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