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A year ago I wouldn’t have found myself on this Social Media Train travelling from my home town station of Sceptic to my current destination of Believer.  The journey has taken me some time but here I am encouraging you to join me at my new destination as a Social Media Convert.  I did have to pass through a couple of station on the way but my itinerary was as follows:-

SCEPTIC                                I would like to think I was an optimist and forward thinking but my default position with the social media was “no, can’t, won’t, shan’t” so clearly there was a long way to go this time.

ACCEPTANCE     After a while it dawned on me that the social media wasn’t going to go away so I had better welcome it on board.

MENTORING      I had no idea where to start and I decided to buy into some Mentoring to help me on my way and to make sure I made a good start.

“LIGHT BULB” MOMENT               I was a bit of a passenger to start with – happy to watch what was happening with increasing interest but struggling to commit or grasp the concept of how it worked.  Then one day I got a reply to a tweet asking about a training course……………… well that put a whole new light on the subject.  There was somebody out there after all  ………………….  I was in ……….… now I get it!

AMAZEMENT:   It was a long trip but I have explored the possibilities of what LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook can do for your business and it is certainly powerful and working with like-minded people.  No need to abandon the old ways of adverts, brochures, newsletters etc but what a nice big shiny new toy we have to play with.

EXCITEMENT:     I hope you can hear it in my voice – it’s fun – never thought I would say that.  I can spread the word on the social media about my courses and reach people I wouldn’t normally have contact with.  Vast new markets.  I am still working on how not to waste my time and everybody else’s by broadcasting futile remarks,  so you can work with attracting people with your interests.   I find I share ideas so quickly, and as we dash through our days and weeks at superhuman speed it is nice to know that all my messages, reminders about courses and good ideas are winging their way around the social media network with equal break-neck speed – and  with just the press of a few keyboard buttons!

ENJOY!    Start with Twitter.   You get 140 characters to use so you can’t do too much damage while you are practicing and you don’t have to think too hard before you run out of room.

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