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During the last month the weather has done it’s best to make training and assessment life difficult for us all.

Our Trainers have the responsibility of looking after people on our courses and it is their call if the wind is too much for tree climbing courses or the ground is too slippery and dangerous for off road driving.  Our Trainees have the extra dimension of cold, wet, slippery or windy conditions to do their training in but I tend to feel that if they can achieve a good result in uncomfortable weather then how much more fun it will be when the sun comes out and they find the job so much easier.  As a course organiser I am just watching the forecasts and wondering what will happen next.  Roll on Spring!


Coming up this February we have the Lantra Awards Basic Tree Survey and Inspection course available for you and also the Lantra Awards Professional Tree Inspection courses.   Please ring us to discuss any uncertainties you may have or to book places.  The Lantra Awards Professional Tree Inspection course is also running at the end of the month but we need to talk to you before you book a place on this course just to make sure you are well prepared.


This is the time to start looking at Pesticide Application and we are running  PA1 and PA6aw and PA2 this month.


There are some spare places at the moment on our Counterbalance Fork Lift Truck Courses and the Rough Terrain Telescopic Handler Courses.  If you have sufficient people to fill a course (3 trainees maximum) then we can deliver this as in-house training for you with Lantra Awards Certification.


Sit Astride ATV (Quads) and Sit-In ATVs  are essential for working on the land and we run regular courses throughout the year. We prefer to run these courses using your land and vehicles so that trainees can get the best course for their terrain, but we also have our own sites available.


Chainsaw Courses are constantly popular and we have the range of training and certification in the pipeline for  Chainsaw Maintenance, Cross Cutting and Felling Trees up to 380mm.    Also, the Felling of Trees 380mm – 760mm is available in early March.   Tree Climbing & Aerial Rescue is coming up and then the well-earned Operate Chainsaw from Rope and Harness.

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