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Chainsaws are commonly used on Farms and Estates but they are, as we know, “high risk” tools.

Under the HSE PUWER Regulations it is essential for employers to provide adequate training and ascertain competency before allowing employees to us a chainsaw in the workplace.

There are various options to avoid becoming entangled in the unwanted and lengthy paper trail leading to a claim and one of them is of course staff training.  It has been proved on countless occasions that it is cheaper by far to undertake appropriate training, than to pay a fine imposed by HSE.   New skills and competency are proved with the various certificates related to the skill sector in question so don’t be caught out as negligent, do something about it today.

The other obvious reason is to avoid an accident or worse!  Training undoubtedly keeps us safer and more efficient which in the long run saves money.

For the Land Based working community you have a couple of options.   What we offer are a choice of several  training courses coving all the skills and knowledge required to operate the chainsaw.  The courses are tailored to meet the various criteria of the Awarding Bodies who will issue the Certificate of Competence that you are looking for.  Start small and work towards advanced cuts and handling systems.  The courses are designed to be taken one step at a time.

You have a choice of:-

The Lantra Awards Chainsaw Certificate of Training with integrated training and assessment is suitable for Farms, Estates, Horticulturalists, Fencing Contractors etc.  is for people who use chainsaws at work but they are not their main work activity.

The City & Guilds NPTC Certificate of Competence in Chainsaw Operations is for the person who wants Forestry or Arboriculture as their profession.   Independent Assessment following their training course helps to prove their standard of Competency.   Some farmers and land owners may also choose this option.

The length of chainsaw course depends on the skills required and our website will help with some of that detail.   If you don’t know what you need then we are happy to help you come to the right decision.   Please make contact for an analysis of your training needs.

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