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This is how it all works in our land based training world.Generally speaking as Training Providers we assume that you are coming to us because you need a Certificate of some description to prove that you have certain skills in your occupational area.   To achieve this we offer you some training to improve your current skills, or learn new ones. You then have a choice as to what Certification you need, and can achieve, and there is often some confusion about those choices.


An Attendance Certificate:   We issue these as proof that you attended the training course.   Everyone is entitled to prove that they have received training, although with the Attendance Certificate there is no proof that you are actually competent as there was no assessment or test included in the course.   Typical courses that result in Attendance Certificates would be the One-Day Emergency First Aid, Manual Handling, Working at Heights and Basic Tree Survey and Inspection courses.


Certificate of Training and Certificate of Competence:  To establish if you are truly able to do what you have been trained to do i.e. that you are “competent” then it is necessary to have an assessments or test of some description.   Depending on the type of course you are on and the skills area in which you work, these assessments or tests could be written, verbal or done by practical observation by the Assessor.  Your performance is monitored and marked, and if you achieve the minimum requirement, then you get your Certificate of Training or Competence.

The next question is whether to have Integrated Training and Assessment or Independent Assessment.   Both options are not always on offer for various reasons.

If Integrated Training and Assessment is on offer, then the Trainer is also allowed to do the Assessments during the training period.  A typical ITA course would be ATVs, Brushcutters, Chainsaws and Fork Lift Trucks.

For some skills there is a requirement for Independent Assessments.  The value of this is that it is perceived to be a more rigorous assessment when you have to produce your best work in front of somebody you may not have met before – and get it right.   In the world of Forestry and Arboriculture work, the Independent Assessment has been considered the route for Professional Operators.  For the Certificate of Competence for Pesticide users there is only the Independent Assessment option.

With so many options out there for you to choose from, hopefully this will help you in your discussions with your Training Provider.

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