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We ave some new namesin the #Forestry and Arboriculture industry.During the recent re-vamp of the Forestry and Arboriculture Qualifications, the Awarding Bodies, #Lantra Awards and NPTC , now have new names for the  well-established chainsaw descriptions that we all use to describe what we want as trainees, and what we offer as Training Providers.


Our familiar “Tree Climbing and Aerial Rescue” which was previously called NPTC Unit 38, has become the grand sounding “Accessing a Tree Using Rope & Harness”  and “Aerial Tree Rescue Operations”.  I am not sure what we are all going to call that to make it easier!


The other new name is for the  Arboriculture Unit 39.  “Aerial Cutting of Trees with a Chainsaw using free-fall Techniques”.     Maybe we should invite ideas as to what to call that!


If you are in any doubt about your career progression in forestry or arboriculture,  we are here to help you and try to explain the industry changes, and challenges.

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