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Are you looking for a Fork lift Truck Operator’s certificate and wondered which course was the most suitable in view of your current skills

The first thing we will ask you when you contact us for Fork Lift Truck training is “How much experience do you have?” as it is important you are on the course that gives you enough time to learn the skills that will be assessed at the end of the training period to enable you to get your Certificate of Training required for the workplace.  We then offer you one of the following options.

1 day refresher course for people who are already trained and certificated, and are coming back to do refresher training and re-assessment, to keep their skills current.

2 day course for experienced operators with no previous training and certification and who  just need to make sure they are operating the machines in accordance with safety advice

3 day course for people with very little experience who need time to develop safe operating techniques and build up some confidence.

5 day course for complete fork lift truck novice operators.   Plenty of time on this course for starting from scratch with no previous experience.

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