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Builder fined £2,500 by HSE for incorrect use of a chainsaw in the workplace resulting in injury to a worker. The Magistrates recommended a plan of work, risk assessment and of course “training”. This was a story I found on the HSE website. I know the courses are expensive but you get so much more than you realise whilst on a training course:
Sharing of ideas with people in the industry. Foremost of course with your Instructor. He will discuss the right chainsaw for your work and the best PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to keep you as safe as possible. However, other trainees have opinions and experiences as well, and all of this is free “banter” during the course. “Chap chat” I call it with apologies to the girls who also frequent our courses.

Confidence building is one of the most exciting things I witness as the Training Organiser. From the sometimes initial nervous phone call to the celebration of the Assessment outcomes – what a joy to see people take their new found skills away and earn money and develop their careers in the workplace.

Networking takes place in unexpected places and it is great to hear that people occasionally keep in touch after our courses to help and support each other in work opportunities. It is especially satisfying for me to find that trainees on a course are returning at the same time as others on previous courses and greet each other as long lost friends! This is particularly the case with the Tree Climbing and Aerial Rescue courses which is followed by Operating a Chainsaw from Rope and Harness. If you had spent a week up and down a tree with somebody I think you too would find it a rewarding and fulfilling experience, after all, you have to trust the knots they tied when they “rescued” you. That is a lot of trust.

All of these wonderful extra benefits from attending a course. See you soon.

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