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Why do we need chainsaw refresher training I hear you say:   Your original Certificate indicates that you had received training and may also state you are competent in the use of a chainsaw.    It will be a dated Certificate.  However, as time passes, it becomes less easy to prove that your understanding, techniques, attitude to health and safety and quality of operation is as good as it was on the date of your last Certificate.  If you are looking for new work, you will be disadvantaged without a current Certificate (within 5 years).

How often should chainsaw refresher training be undertaken:    There is a strong recommendation that you refresh your chainsaw skills every 5 years, however, your company health and safety policy or your own personal feelings may indicate that you do a refresher chainsaw course more frequently.

Who needs to do chainsaw refresher training?   Anyone  wanting  to  keep  their  job.     If you are lucky, your employer will address the issue and make suitable arrangements with a local training provider.   If you are self-employed you must accept the responsibility yourself and make a personal choice about  where to go for your update.  A quick search online will lead you to a local chainsaw course provider.  Newlands Training Ltd will be able to put you on a suitable course.  If you are a Contractor working on various sites then the regulation in chainsaw certification have just been tightened up and you need to be aware that a chainsaw certificate must be no more than 5 years previous.  For work on Forestry Commission lands, the new requirements are radically different and detailed in a later paragraph  (FISA)

What are your choices:  As we are talking about refresher training only at this stage, what you are looking for is a new certificate that states you have refreshed your skills.  The most widely used Awarding Body for this is Lantra Awards.   Their refresher certificates state refresher training has been undertaken for either their own Integrated Training and Assessment certificates, or City & Guilds NPTC units of competence.   It is a Certificate of Training.  If you want additional proof of your actual competency then you do have the option to be re-assessed if you wish.

Now here is the fun bit where you can make a choice:

Non Forestry Commission Sites

Newlands Training will provide a Lantra Awards chainsaw refresher certificate that will comply with the up to date regulations.   As you will see from the list of modules below, the certificate will cover exactly what you want whether you are refreshing Lantra Awards Integrated Training & Assessment certificates or City & Guilds NPTC certificates.  Talking to us before making a booking is essential so that we can be sure you are undertaking what you need.   It is our job to help you to understand.  The courses “bundle” modules together to achieve the required certification.    Not all modules will apply to you.

  • Safety, Health and Welfare (Mandatory unit)
  • Biosecurity
  • Chainsaw /small engine maintenance
  • Felling up to 200mm
  • Felling up to 380mm
  • Felling over 380mm
  • Branch removal – snedding & delimbing
  • Cross Cutting
  • Hung up trees using handsaw
  • Hand winching
  • Powered Pole Pruner

Forestry Commission Sites

This is where it all changes. From 1st October 2013 it is a requirement that if you wish to use your chainsaw of Forestry Commission sites you must obtain a FISA  refresher chainsaw Certificate.   Forestry  Industry  Safety Accord.  If your original certificate is within the last 5 years you are OK, but when it needs refreshing you must have a FISA Refresher Certificate.  Newlands Training Ltd is now in a position to offer this Certification.   Our Trainers have recently become accredited with FISA.

FISA have radically changed the delivery of their refresher certification.   Instead of a prescribed refresher course following pre-set objectives, FISA prefer the Trainer to discuss with their candidates prior to the course what  City & Guilds NPTC units require re-certification. At the start of the refresher training day , each individual has their skills assessed and appropriate updating, guidance and advice is given.  This is achieved by verbal questioning and observation of skills. The Trainer will then recommend either  a 5 year refresher course, a 3 year refresher course  or re-training.  This recommendation and his comments will appear on your FISA certificate.

What to do next?  Ring us on 01305 848454   We are happy to discuss this with you.

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