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To enable you to keep yourself and everyone else safe around you whilst working with your chainsaw, you need various tools and Personal Protective Clothing (PPE).Newlands Training supplies you with this list of equipment that we require for our chainsaw courses. You can either provide your own chainsaw and Personal Protective Clothing or we can provide it for you for a small additional fee.



  • should be in good working condition with guide bar no longer than 15”  unless discussed with Instructor
  •  Chainsaw   should be to relevant safety criteria (see HSE Chainsaws at Work INDG 317)
  •  Top-handled   chainsaws are not acceptable
  •  Supply   of chain oil
  •  2-stroke   mix fuel
  •  Full   tool kit so the chainsaw can be maintained including correct round file for   the chain and combination spanner – we have a range of tools on site but   better if you can easily provide your own.
  •  Felling   lever, large or small with cant hook

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Chainsaw   leather boots or chainsaw wellies only, Class 1-3.   Spats are no longer acceptable under new   regulations.
  •  Safety   helmet incorporating ear defenders and face visor
  •  Chainsaw   safety gloves – Class 0
  •  Chainsaw   protective trousers with special safety fabric (type C or A). Type C is   recommended for beginners
  • Jackets   and overalls should be made of non-snagging fabric with no cuffs, belts,   flaps etc
  • Waterproof   clothing and spare clothing for the end of the day
  • First  Aid kit with a whistle and with extra large wound dressing
  • Lightweight   gloves for maintenance


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