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With all the talk, and now action, as a result of “Grandfather Rights” relating to Pesticide Use, I feel it is time to mention my “Grandmother Rights”.

30 years in this job and still loving it. Why? To answer that, I need to tell you a potted history of Newlands Training.   30 years ago I was the Group Training Organiser for Purbeck and Central Dorset Training Groups.   These were part of the nationwide Agricultural Training Board and the farming members enjoyed training courses subsidised by the Government.   15 years later the Government withdrew the money, the Agricultural Training Board disappeared, and Newlands Training was born to take up the role of an independent Training Provider with just 70 contacts (my old group members) and an enormous amount of enthusiasm from me. The doors were now open to explore other land based sectors who could take advantage of the courses ranging from ATVs to Chainsaws, First Aid and Pesticides, and the last 15 years has been our development that brings us to today.   Newlands Training’s range of courses has expanded – and so has our Client base. We enjoy the company of trainees from Agriculture, Councils, Golf Courses, Forestry and Arboriculture, Conservation, National Trust and RSPB to mention only a few. We work closely with excellent Awarding Bodies for our Certification like Lantra Awards, City&Guilds NPTC and NPORS.

I started my job as a mother of four daughters under 8 years old who I have watched grow and develop their own life skills and produce 8 grandchildren for me. My work at Newlands Training allows me to continue to watch as my trainees learn and develop their working skills and achieve their Certificates and Qualifications. I love it. Thank you to my daughters for preparing me for my role as Training Organiser so that I can continue to help people achieve their aims.

I do indeed have Grandmother Rights – The right to be thankful and enthusiastic about my job.