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We have delivered a wide range of training courses for nearly 30 years now and the satisfaction I get from my happy clients is no less now than it was when I started.   So why is that?   Surely they just arrive, attend the training, then leave with new skills or knowledge and a Certificate.  Yes they do, but there is more to it than that.   The hidden and free benefits of attending training courses are not often considered.

Appraisal of existing skills:       Inevitably if we are thinking about going on a training course we will be taking a long hard look at the skills and knowledge that we already have and will measure those against what is actually required to do our jobs within the guidelines prepared for our Health and Safety.

New knowledge :  Training courses offer you the time to learn important, useful and interested facts and information about your chosen subject.  The Trainers are full of knowledge and want to share it with you.

New practical skills:  The joy of finding out how to drive a fork lift truck, fell a tree or drive safely across slopes.

Confidence building skills are priceless.

People:  Always good to meet people who could offer new and useful work or social opportunities.  One trainee and an Instructor have met up for guitar practice. Even some vehicle deals have been done!

Up to date:   Refresher training is essential for keeping  skills current –  don’t fall behind and find you are no longer as safe and knowledgeable as you thought you were.

 Legal :  Compliance with your  Health & Safety & Insurance requirements.

Share experiences with other course members. So many stories to be told!

Protective Clothing and Equipment:   With so much to choose from there is the chance to share ideas about efficiency, comfort, durability and value for money.   Even some discounts to be had.

Equipment:   Chance to discuss different machinery and PPE pros and cons  i.e. Stihl versus Husqvarna chainsaws etc. and which knapsack sprayer to buy.

There is more to a training course than you think…………………….