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 Categories : Vehicle Machinery and Plant


Our Environmental 4×4 Off Road Driving courses are designed specifically to train working professionals, equipped with 4x4s, to get to places of work no other vehicles can reach. Professional off-roading is the activity of driving a vehicle on tracks, through water, on grass, over sand, on gravel, through mud and over rocks in the most safe and eco friendly manner.

Newlands Training 4×4 courses are mindful of the environmental issues and include the following topics:

  • Walking the route to risk assess wildlife and flora damage
  • Protection of Sites of Special Scientific Interest
  • Consideration for nesting birds
  • Water issues and cross contamination
  • Low speed driving to reduce environment impact and damage
  • Preservation of the terrain.

Our trainers will teach and train you how to check and prepare your vehicle, risk assess your driving route, develop your technical knowledge and improve your off road driving skills. You will learn how to negotiate steep climbs, descend vertical drops, cross deep gullies, straddle rocks, drive through water and make progress on slippery mud. You will identify and learn when to say no! We do not want you putting yourself or others in danger.

We will also improve your understanding of how a 4×4 actually works. What does the diff do? What is a cross axle? What happens when you select low range? The dangers of transmission wind-up and many more technical and mechanical features will be fully explained.

Remember our courses are designed for you the working professional. We want you to enjoy your work in all environments. Our Instructors are fully trained Lantra Awards Instructors who are also fully qualified DSA Fleet Registered ADI’s who will also advise you on driving safely on the road. Remember safety is our priority!

The courses lead to a Lantra Awards 4×4 Professional Off Road Driving Certificate.