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At a recently  1 Day Replacement Grandfather Rights spraying course they were all experienced sprayer operators who had been operating under Grandfather Rights for many years – all of them doing arable tasks as well as grassland spraying. None of them were looking forward to training, were positively apoplectic at the thought of a test but remained respectfully resigned to their fate.

To date the standard PA1 (Safe Use of Pesticides) course has been 1 day, and the PA2a (Mounted Boom Sprayers) course has been another whole day, so two days of preparation for the City & Guilds NPTC Pesticide assessments to achieve the Certificate of Competence that is required.  The recent Grandfather Rights spraying 1 Day course was trying to fit PA1 and PA2 into one day which was hard work and not entirely effective for some of the trainees.

The problem arises with the varying amounts of experience, existing knowledge, understanding, and the ability to correctly calibrate a sprayer.

Comment from the Trainer  “Some trainees significantly held things up. The others were polite and tolerant, but the fact remains that they had to mark time repeatedly and the day must have dragged for them. Despite minimal breaks the day ran well over time. A few had asked for some guidance on PA6 and PA4. By the time we had run over these things even very superficially, it was 6pm before we finished and that after we had spent less than ½ hour on PA4/6, so it is unlikely that anyone derived any real benefit.”

In anticipation of some more people wanting to deal with the November 2015 deadline for the removal of Grandfather Rights for Pesticide Application, Newlands Training would at this stage like to recommend potential Candidates undertaking the full 2 days of preparation training so that they are properly prepared to meet the NPTC Assessor.

“Grandfathers” will have a choice as to which of the two City & Guilds NPTC Assessments they then follow up with to achieve their required Certification.  If the Grandfather Rights Assessment is chosen then the Assessor will ask verbal questions throughout the assessment to establish knowledge and understanding and then ask for a practical demonstration of calibration, use of PPE and use of the sprayer.   However, the standard Pesticide Assessments for PA1 & PA2a can be undertaken whereby the questions are multiple-choice on the Assessors Laptop and then the practical assessments follow.   If the Grandfather Rights Certification is chosen then the Candidate will still be confined to their own land.   If the standard Pesticide Certificate is chosen the Candidate can spray anywhere.

So many choices, but we are here to help you make the decisions that are best for you.