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New jobs or new helpers can be fraught with hazards



New to the job

According to HSE figures, workers are as likely to have an accident in the first six months at a workplace as during the whole of the rest of their working life. The extra risk arises due to:

  • Lack of experience of working in a new industry or workplace
  • Lack of familiarity with the job and the work environment
  • Reluctance to raise concern (or not knowing how to)
  • Eagerness to impress workmates and managers

Workers new to a site:

  • May not recognise hazards as a potential source of danger
  • May not understand ‘obvious’ rules for the use of equipment
  • May not be familiar with site layout – especially where site hazards may change from day to day
  • May ignore warning signs and rules, or cut corners

Providing Supervision:

New, inexperienced or young people, as well as those whose first language is not English, are very likely to need more supervision than others.

  • Supervisors need to ensure that workers in their charge understand risks associated with the work environment and measures to control them
  • Supervisors will need to make sure the control measures to protect against risk are up to date and are being properly used, maintained and monitored
  • Supervisors may need training in the specific hazards and how to control the risks
  • Make sure you have arrangements in place to check the work of contractors is being done as agreed

Stay safe and enjoy your work………..