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Pesticide courses for the various types of application are still fashionable.Recent updates in pesticide legislation reminded me that In the spring of this year I had a radical sort out of my clothes – it felt like it had been raining for a year – and planning for better weather with some new clothes felt like a plan.   Prune and Refresh the wardrobe – well I like to think it worked!  Better weather now and everyone who works on the land is very busy. However, we still have to keep an eye on pruning our activities to make sure there is enough working time to refresh our skills. Too easy to be very busy and then find you can no longer purchase the pesticides that you need for the next round of spraying because of the new legislation.

The disappearance of Grandfather Rights last November has stirred up some emotions about” fairness” and “what’s the point at my age” but alongside my sympathy for the situation we can offer the full range of City & Guilds NPTC Pesticide courses and assessments to achieve the necessary certification that everyone needs regardless of when your birthday is.

These are the courses and qualifications we can help you with:

PA1    Safe handling & application of Pesticides

PA2a  The Safe Application Of Pesticides Using Self Propelled, Mounted, Trailed Horizontal Boom Sprayers

PA6a+aw      The Safe Application Of Pesticides Using Pedestrian Hand Held Equipment  (including near water)

PA4S/G         The Safe Application Of Pelleted Or Granular Pesticides Using Mounted Or Trailed Applicators

Rodent Control         New Rodent courses and certification have been developed to meet the recent legislative changes in Vermin control in view of the use of pesticides for this activity.

For more course details and dates and costs and a discussion about the City & Guilds NPTC Assessments that you will need to do, please contact us in the office at Newlands Training.   01305 848454