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From now, 1st April 2016, rodent bait is subject to new legislation.   Are you aware of what has changed and what you must now do to comply?

Second generation anti-coagulant rodenticide products (SGARs) for professional use will become available with new stewardship conditions.   The new labels incorporating the Rodenticide Stewardship Regime will require that all professional users must hold proof of competence in rodent pest control before being allowed to buy and use professional anti-coagulant rodenticides.

Membership of an Assurance Scheme is, for the moment, viewed as suitable evidence of an annual audit and awareness and therefore no other training and certification will be required.   This may change in 2017 as negotiations between NFU and the leading bodies involved in the legislation are not finalised yet.

If you cannot claim the shelter of an Assurance Scheme then you have three other options:-

  • Find training and certification in the Responsible use of Rodenticides.
  • Stop using rodent bait yourself and employ the services of a professional pest controller who does have the right qualification.
  • Use amateur products only which are available in much smaller packs but will as a result cost you a lot more.

Newlands Training is offering the 1 day Lantra Certificated Responsible Rodent Control Course incorporating assessments and resulting in the required Certification to continue to use rodenticides.

Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide use   (CRRU)

Link to the CRRU website for a list of the approved Assurance Schemes

Bit of history behind the legislation

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