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I am sure most of us are cursing the weather – just too wet – but I find I can settle to office work so much better when the outside options are reduced by the weather.   Perfect time of year for planning. Making sure you have the right Certificates in place and appropriate training courses where necessary.  In the workplace this is required by HSWA  – but feels like a chore – so keep it simple.

Experience at your job is great, and satisfying, but you also have to be able to show you have achieved the required standard to do your work whether applying pesticides, tackling trees or anything else.   Hopefully you got a Certificate of Competence in place somewhere along the line but your skills need “refreshing” just in case you have forgotten anything, not become aware of new legislation, or have found a few questionable “short cuts” of your own.   Ask yourself how long ago you did your training and look at the date on your Certificate.   5 years recommended for chainsaw refresher training and 5 years is a good guideline for other skills like ATV, Pesticides, Fork lift trucks etc.   3 years is recommended for First Aid.   Short refresher courses are available to you.

I hear most grumbles from people who have many years of experience in their work, but no acceptable Certification in place.   Our courses not only offer training in the best operational practice but also prepare you for the inevitable assessments that you need to do to get the Certificate you need.   If you are experienced but no Certification in place, our courses are best considered as refresher and preparation for assessment.

If it is new skills you are after, a training course + assessment is the best way to start.  Get the fundamentals of safety in place right at the start, and then any helpful advice from experienced colleagues will develop on good foundations.

Enjoy your planning now and we will make sure you enjoy your courses.