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xcut_felling_380Chainsaw Maintenance, Cross cutting and Felling Trees up to 380mm diameter course is independently assessed by City & Guilds NPTC

Course Objectives

  • Satisfy all the objectives for Chainsaw Maintenance and Cross-cutting which are as follows:
  • State and identify the necessary personal protective equipment required, report on its condition and locate the various standard marks
  • State and identify required health and safety features on a chainsaw
  • Identify faults and defects on a chainsaw and cutting equipment and decide which the operator can remedy and which require a service engineer’s attention
  • Select and identify correct tools to enable maintenance to be carried out and report on their serviceability
  • Carry out correctly all routine maintenance in accordance with the manufacturer’s instruction book and/or the Lantra Awards workbook
  • Prepare the chainsaw for use with the correct fuel/oil mix and chain lubrication
  • Start the chainsaw from both cold and hot in a safe manner
  • Carry out pre-cutting safety tests and state the procedures if the chainsaw fails these tests
  • State the possible hazards/risks when carrying out maintenance or operational tasks
  • Cross-cut timber accurately to required lengths
  • Assess and explain the terms ‘tension’ and ‘compression’ in timber
  • Adopt safe procedures to remove a trapped guide bar
  • Handle and stack timber in a safe manner
  • Organise site safety and state the precautions required


  • Identify types of timber, potential hazards and stresses, correctly assess if timber is in compression or tension, and select the appropriate technique to deal with the particular situation correctly
  • Assess the situation prior to free felling a straight open grown tree up to a maximum of 380mm diameter, and with the aid of wedges and/or a felling lever, fell it in a chosen direction
  • Remove limbs from felled trees and cross cut, handle and stack timber in a safe and efficient manner
  • Take down hung up trees using hand tools
  • Recognise situations where specialist help is required

NB: In undertaking the above objectives, the operator should wear the correct protective clothing, and be standing on firm ground. The chainsaw should never be operated above shoulder height.

Who is the course for?

This course is for novice operators with little or no experience of chainsaw use, who are required to operate chainsaws for both cross cutting and felling to guide bar length. The course is designed to prepare candidates for independent assessment for City & Guilds NPTC Licence to Practice (old Units 30+ 31) or (new 2003 + 2004), or Lantra Awards Licence to practice.


City & Guilds NPTC Level 2 Award in Chainsaw Maintenance and Cross Cutting Qual 2003


City & Guilds NPTC Level 2 Award in Felling and Processing Trees up to 380mm Qual 2004


Six days – practical course. These are minimum durations, and some trainees may need further consolidation. Tree felling activities should avoid disturbing wildlife in the nesting season and must comply with other felling requirements.

This course is independently assessed on a separate day to either City & Guilds NPTC or Lantra Awards qualification standards and criteria.

Course Content

  • Introduction
  • Maintenance of engine, bar and chain
  • Protective clothing and safety features of chainsaws
  • Fuelling and starting a chainsaw
  • Testing a chainsaw
  • De-limbing of felled trees
  • Cross cutting trunks of felled trees
  • Felling demonstration
  • Felling trees up to 380mm diameter
  • Takedown of Hung-up trees

Facilities/Equipment Required

  • Chainsaw complying with pre-course handout
  • Operator’s maintenance kit and equipment
  • Close-fitting coveralls

Safety equipment to include:

  • Safety helmet incorporating ear defenders and eye protection
  • ‘Non’ snag top
  • Chainsaw mitts/gloves (back of left hand safety padded)
  • Chainsaw trousers or leggings with safety padding
  • Chainsaw boots (see pre-course handout)

NB: Instructors have been instructed not to undertake training where trainees do not have the appropriate protective equipment and appropriate saw.


6 days training and independent assessment – £930 + VAT

Hire of chainsaw, protective clothing, and fuel £65+VAT per week

Cancellation Policy

Newlands Training Ltd have the following cancellation policy:

  • 7 working days notice, full fee refund, less administration charge of £25.00
  • 3-7 working days notice, 50% fee refund
  • 1-3 working days notice, 25% fee refund
  • Less than 1 days notice, no refund

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