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Use of a Chainsaw from a Mobile Elevated Work Platform requires a MEWP Certificate and Felling Small Trees Certification in place to add this City & Guilds NPTC qualification

Course Objectives

Once you have completed this training, you willl learn and be competent in the following:

  • The legislation and safety guidelines pertaining to the use of a chainsaw from a MEWP
  • The safety considerations to be observed in organising a worksite
  • The equipment to be used and the inspection intervals
  • Selecting which type of MEWP to use
  • Carrying out pre-work checks on the MEWP
  • Recognising and correcting faults on the MEWP
  • Checking the site for hazards
  • Understanding how to deal with emergencies
  • Operating the MEWP to achieve suitable work position
  • Removing lateral limbs using both handsaw and chainsaw
  • Removing vertical stem sections using a chainsaw
  • Correctly installing and positioning a pulling rope
  • How to tie basic knots – running bowline, timber hitch and clove hitch
  • Preparing MEWP for transport and tidy site.

Course Aim

This training course will give you all the knowledge and skill you need to operate a chainsaw  from a Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP). This includes the set up and operation of a MEWP as using equipment from a MEWP can be very dangerous which is why it is important to make sure you have the proper training and skills needed to work safely and efficiently. Our course will provide you with all the information you need and demonstrate the practical skills used when undertaking the Use of a Chainsaw from a Mobile Elevated Work Platform – MEWP

Who is the course for?

This training is particularly helpful for people who work in the following industries:

  • Arboriculture
  • Forestry
  • Woodland
  • Local authorities
  • Conservation

Please Note:  The course does not include work with platforms that are not controllable from the platform bucket. To take this training, you must be physically fit and not suffering from vertigo or similar conditions or on medication that could affect your safety. This course is not appropriate for persons under 16 years of age.


Before taking this course, it’s important that you already have a current licence to practice in the MEWP type you need to use, along with a solid knowledge in chainsaw  maintenence and cross cutting and appropriate Certification


City & Guilds NPTC Award to Operate a Chainsaw from a Mobile Elevated Platform Qual 2115  – Independent Assessment


2 – 3 Days

Course Content:

  • HSE legislation and safety guidelines
  • MEWP equipment
  • Checks before using a MEWP
  • Setting up the MEWP
  • Chainsaw use
  • Completion of work

Facilities / Equipment Required

Classroom facilities

  • A suitable first aid kit that meets the minimum stock of first aid items stated in HSE publications must be available at the worksite in addition to the personal first aid kit carried by all operators (AFAG guidance)
  • LOLER compliant MEWP
  • Operators manual
  • LOLER compliant tree climbing/MEWP equipment
  • Sufficient fuel and oil for intended operation
  • Top or rear handled chainsaw with guide bar appropriate to timber size
  • Appropriate chainsaw maintenance tools
  • Personal first aid kit attached to harness
  • PPE

It is recommended the learner holds current Emergency First Aid at Work certification.


  • Open crown trees of sufficient height
  • Minimum diameter of branches to be removed 75mm
  • Location and telephone number of hospital with 24hr emergency service


3 day course – £440 + VAT

Cancellation Policy

Newlands Training Ltd have the following cancellation policy:

  • 7 working days notice, full fee refund, less administration charge of £25.00
  • 3-7 working days notice, 50% fee refund
  • 1-3 working days notice, 25% fee refund
  • Less than 1 days notice, no refund

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Current Status

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