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Pest Control training with Lantra Certification – Wasps and Bees

This one day course covers training and assessment for the knowledge and control of Wasps and Bees. Sessions cover the safe use of chemicals, biology and control methods.

This course is designed to help people plan and carry out effective wasp and bee control and management. It is intended to give candidates a full working knowledge of both the biology and behaviour of the insects, their habitats and the reasons for their control. Furthermore, it aims to highlight the some of the risks associated with their control and also give delegates an understanding of the positive and negative impacts of wasp and bees.

Course Objectives

On completion of the course you will be able to:

  • Understand your responsibilities under the law and help you become a safe and competent biocide user.
  • Understand how biocides can enter the body and COSHH assessments.
  • Correct use, storage and maintenance of PPE.
  • Understand integrated pest management and control risk hierarchy.
  • Interpret and use product label information.
  • Store and transport biocides safely.
  • Dispose of biocides and containers safely.
  • Record information correctly.
  • Understand how Wasps and Bees live, breed and develop and how they fit into the animal kingdom.
  • Select and carry out the most appropriate methods of insect control, in line with current legal guidelines and recognised good practice.
  • Describe the life-style, habits and habitats of the main wasp and bee species and understand the main reasons why they may need to be controlled.
  • Understand the way insecticides are applied and the importance of maintaining application equipment to a high standard.
  • Have an awareness of the other commonly encountered Hymenoptera species.

Course sessions

  • Legislation that affects pest management
  • Common terms for using biocides
  • Public health biocides product labels
  • Safe storage and transport of biocides
  • Disposal of biocides and containers
  • Keeping biocide records
  • Introduction to hymenoptera
  • Wasp species and biology
  • Nest building and surveys
  • Reasons for control
  • Safety and legislation
  • Non-chemical control and monitoring
  • Chemical control options
  • Honey bees: biology and control
  • Other key species

Who is the course for?

Our one day pest training course covering Wasp and Bee Control is for people who are looking to learn about and attain a certificate in the biology and control methods. Once you have successfully completed and passed the knowledge assessment you will receive a certificate of training. If you have further career aspirations in pest control then this course will also count towards evidence of achievement of a Level 2 Award in Pest Control.


Lantra Professional Wasp & Bee control


1 days consisting of classroom sessions


There are no pre-requisites


This 1 day course is £195 + VAT

Cancellation Policy

Newlands Training Ltd have the following cancellation policy:

  • 7 working days notice, full fee refund, less administration charge of £25.00
  • 3-7 working days notice, 50% fee refund
  • 1-3 working days notice, 25% fee refund
  • Less than 1 days notice, no refund


Newlands Training

Current Status

Some Courses are still able to take place during Lockdown 3 – please MAKE CONTACT for current list of training dates and Covid arrangements.


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