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Rodent Control

Course Objectives.

Safe use of biocides

???? understand your responsibilities under the law and help you become a safe

and competent biocide user

???? interpret and use product label information

???? store and transport biocides safely

???? dispose of biocides and containers safely

???? record information correctly

Commensal rodents

???? identify rats and mice and the typical symptoms of damage caused

???? identify non-target species

???? identify the degree and source of an infestation

???? state the legislative obligations and responsibilities relevant to the control of

rats and mice

???? describe the lifestyle, habits and habitats of rats and mice

???? plan, implement and monitor an effective control programme for rats and mice

???? select and carry out the most appropriate methods of rat and mouse control,

in line with current legal guidelines and recognised good practice

???? understand the effect rodent control can have on the environment and ensure

risks to non-target animals are minimised.

Who is the course for?

This course is designed to help people plan and carry out rat and mouse control. It is

intended to provide a full working knowledge of both preventive and curative methods

to be able to plan, implement and monitor a control programme that is appropriate to

the situation, assessing and using the most efficient and safe methods and with due

regard to the environment.

The workbook has been produced to accompany a Lantra Awards training course

and to inform operators of current ‘safe working practice’. It is written to give broad

guidelines. Users of rodenticide must refer to literature, product labels and Health

and Safety data sheets of any products they may use in controlling rodents.

It is the responsibility of anyone carrying out rodent control to be familiar with the

relevant legislation concerning the humane and effective management of rat and

mouse problems. Whilst guidance is given during the course on the main legislation

and its relevance to rodent control, it is essential that those engaged in pest control

should keep up to date with changes in legislation that may affect pests or pest

control. The final interpretation of any piece of legislation rests in the court.


Lantra Awards integrated training and assessment Certificate


1 day

Course Content

Safe Use of Biocides

  • Legislation that affects Pest Management
  • Common terms for using biocides
  • Public health biocides product labels
  • Safe Storage and Transport of Biocides
  • Disposal of Biocides and Containers
  • Keeping Biocide Records

Commensal Rodents

  • Specific Legislation and best practice for the management and control of rats and mice
  • Target Pest Species
  • Non-target Species
  • Site Surveys
  • Evaluate Control Options
  • Control Programmes

Facilities/Equipment Required

Appropriate outdoor clothing
Examples of own PPE


Warm, well lit room with adequate tables and chairs for up to 6 people.

Blackout and power points and space for visual aids

There needs to be a ‘real’ worksite, e.g farm buildings, grain store, livestock housing or store with evidence of vermin presence near at hand within 10-15 minutes travelling time as a maximum


1 day course – £190+VAT

Newlands Training Ltd have the following cancellation policy:

• 7 working days notice, full fee refund, less administration charge of £25.00

• 3-7 working days notice, 50% fee refund

• 1-3 working days notice, 25% fee refund

• Less than 1 days notice, no refund