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Safe Use of Aluminium Phosphide for Vertebrate Pest Control

Course Objectives

  • Know the legislative requirements and codes of practice relating to the use of Aluminium Phosphide
  • Understand the relevance of product label information
  • Understand how to minimise the risk of human contamination and implement emergency procedures
  • Know how to store and transport Aluminium Phosphide safely
  • Know how to manage and dispose of surplus Aluminium Phosphide and waste materials
  • Know the record keeping requirements
  • Understand how to minimise the risk of environmental contamination and implement emergency procedures
  • Be able to comply with the legislative and safety regulations relating to applicator use
  • Be able to assess the environmental factors relating to application
  • Know the characteristics of the species to be controlled and their impact on the environment
  • Know the methods of preventative management and control of the species
  • Be able to complete a site survey prior to carrying out control by Aluminium Phosphide
  • Be able to operate Aluminium Phosphide application equipment safely
  • Understand how to carry out post operational procedure

Who is the aluminium phosphide course for?

Anyone who is required to buy or use products containing aluminium phosphide for the control of vertebrates, in particular, moles, rabbits, rats and mice.

Due to the use of pesticides, it is important that you are able to read and interpret product information and have basic understanding of maths in order to participate in this course.


City & Guilds NPTC Level 2 Award in the  Safe Use of Aluminium Phosphide for Vertebrate Pest Control


One day course – classroom based.

This course is independently assessed on a separate day to  City & Guilds NPTC standards and criteria.

Course Content

  • Operators responsibilities under current legislation and codes of practice relating to the use of Aluminium Phosphide
  • The relevance of product label information and explain how the product must be used
  • Possible routes of contamination
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Symptoms of contamination
  • Appropriate procedures for dealing with contamination
  • How to deal with an accidental spillage resulting in the liberation of gas
  • How Aluminium Phosphide should be stored and transported
  • Appropriate methods of reducing waste
  • How to manage and dispose of surplus Aluminium Phosphide and other waste materials
  • The records required to comply with legislation and best practice
  • Risks to the environment from Aluminium Phosphide
  • How to carry out Aluminium Phosphide application to minimise the risk to the environment
  • Appropriate procedures for dealing with environmental contamination
  • How to comply with the legal requirements relating to Aluminium Phosphide when using the application equipment
  • How to apply Aluminium Phosphide safely using the correct equipment following industry best practice
  • Identify risks to the environment by completing an environmental risk assessment
  • How to minimise risks to the environment
  • The biology of the target species
  • The feeding behaviour of the target species
  • The activity patterns of the target species
  • Damage may be caused by the target species
  • The possible implications of the damage caused by the target species
  • Preventative management for the target species
  • The natural control methods for the target species
  • Alternative methods of population control
  • The natural habitats of the target species
  • Signs of the target species on a site
  • Signs of other non target species on the site requiring protection
  • Prepare the site for application
  • Carry out pre use checks to the applicator
  • How to fill the applicator safely
  • Safe and accurate application procedures
  • How to carry out all activities protecting human health and the environment
  • Complete an application record
  • How to clean and decontaminate the applicator
  • The storage requirements for the applicator
  • The monitoring requirements for the site following treatment with Aluminium Phosphide

Facilities/Equipment Required

Classroom and practical sessions


Training (1 day) – £190+VAT

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• 7 working days notice, full fee refund, less administration charge of £25.00

• 3-7 working days notice, 50% fee refund

• 1-3 working days notice, 25% fee refund

• Less than 1 days notice, no refund